William Waterhouse ()

William Waterhouse is a British artist who lives and works in London. Known mainly for his kinetic art, his work is process-led, and each piece results from an empirical process that draws on his immense talent as draughtsman, sculptor and mechanic. The hands-on, intuitive aspect of his method is key here, for no technical plans or drawings precede the creation of his artworks that grow without preconceived direction, the organic process vital to the life of each finished piece.

William’s work sparks immediate curiosity, and there is and there is a joy and lightness about it that draws the viewer in that draws the viewer in. The way he plays with form, line and balance touches on something fundamental about perception, and the intricacy of the mechanical processes involved combined with the delicacy of the resulting choreography of lines, shapes and colours is riveting.

William has presented installations both in and out of the gallery context, at events and institutions as diverse as Tate Modern, an allotment shed in Peckham, the Bottle Factory (for London Design Week), a window of Selfridges and now at 88 Gallery London, and his work is attracting ever-increasing attention in the UK and internationally.