Lukas Cober ()

Lukas Cober founded his eponymous studio in 2018, following his product design studies in Maastricht and Lisbon and his formative assistantship with his mentor Valentin Loellmann. Yet it has above all been his sense of vocation and urge to create that has driven him since childhood. Dedicated to form and matter, he generates things of beauty that — averse to trends — have their own authentic idiom. Whether working with wood or fibreglass, resin or metal, he invariably explores the medium’s full potential. For him the maker’s handling of the material is at the heart of the creative process. 

Each piece Lukas Cober produces manifests his dedication to true craftsmanship and his sensitive and experiential approach. The fluidity of line and undulating contours of his designs are unique; each piece appears to consolidate movement, evoking waves that condense their energy only to break into curves that unite the horizontal and the vertical. Rooted in his early fascination with the art of hand-shaping surfboards, which involves creating aesthetically pleasing yet functional forms, his work is simultaneously rich and minimalist, shaped by his visionary language of clean lines and dynamic volumes.

Lukas Cober’s work has been shown internationally at fairs such as PAD Paris and Collectible in Brussels and is attracting increasing numbers of contemporary design collectors.


Lukas Cober believes that objects are conceived through the interaction between materials and the hand that shapes them. The work is at first little more than a feeling; the form develops intuitively and gradually. This is why he prefers to work by doing, using procedures that are experimental in nature and do not jump ahead. A maker and craftsman as much as an artist he sees each material he works with as requiring patience and focus; it is the in-depth exploration of a medium that opens the door to new possibilities.

For him, the ultimate usefulness of the resulting object, while an added value, is essentially secondary to this dialogue between form and matter, and to his willingness to explore and experiment. His primary aim is to get in touch with things that present themselves unexpectedly as he works. In this process, the evolving design is valued above all for its singular expressiveness; the way it engages with its environment and gradually articulates its unique sculptural quality.

The aesthetic that makes his work stand out is likewise not a premise but a consequence; the result of his genuine devotion to the creative process and willingness to let an inner voice speak. Lukas Cober’s form of expression is strictly personal, unfettered by the dictates of prevailing trends, and the calm, fluid lines of his work reflect the individuality of his approach. Meticulously crafted, each piece is the product of practised skill and an unwavering commitment to excellence and authentic self-expression.