Bodo Sperlein ()

Bodo Sperlein’s designs are internationally renowned for articulating a thorough understanding of material and design. Whether providing artistic direction or design, his passion for materials and sensitivity to aesthetics ensure that his work consistently attracts international praise from some of the design world's leading publications and awards. Bodo’s products are highly prized by both private collectors and galleries alike, and can be found in international collections such as the British Council Collection in London and Die Neue Sammlung in Munich, and have also been exhibited in museums including the V&A.

Based in his London studio, Bodo’s unique design style and holistic approach to creativity is core to the success of the products he develops. At the heart of Bodo’s collections is a passion for natural materials such as wood, glass, ceramics, and metals, as well as using traditional techniques, like Shou Sugi Ban wood charring and bronze sand-casting.

Bodo’s repertoire is deeply rooted in material, craft, technology, and process, and includes collaborations and commissions within a multitude of industries, from furniture and homeware to technology. Artisan collaborations have included silver pieces for heritage brand Jarosinski & Vaugoin from Vienna; TANE, the cult Mexican silver manufacturer; and Lobmeyr, the iconic Vienna-based sculptural lighting and glass decors brand.