Elsa Foulon ()

Elsa Foulon is the daughter of an antiques dealer, and before turning to ceramics, she worked as an art dealer herself, specializing in 20th century decorative arts. This background helped shape her taste and refine her vision. Her lights are sculptures as much as functional design pieces, their free-form shapes encapsulating her artistic flair and technical prowess.

Self-taught, Elsa loves large-scale pieces that stretch the limits of her chosen medium. This led her to develop her own, very personal technique which enables her to create pieces that retain the lightness of her organic shapes while breaking the expected boundaries of ceramic light design.

Technical ability is vital to Elsa, but so is the nature of the creative act; the unique process that leads from idea to object; the unpredictability of fire as it forms ceramic; the relationship between hands and material. Not to forget light, which nestles within her sculptures, subtly revealing the lines of fire-formed clay.