Ben Storms ()

Ben Storms is a Belgian designer and craftsman who thinks in terms of materials. An experienced stonemason, sculptor and woodworker, he combines traditional techniques with high-tech processes to create unique artworks and sculptural pieces of furniture. His work has attracted attention on an international level, and he has exhibited widely at galleries such as the Carpenters Workshop Gallery and at art and design fairs such as Collectible in Brussels.

He explains his method as follows: ‘In my design process, I always start from raw materials. I like to work with solid materials that have been used for centuries, such as marble or steel. After all, I am the son of a stonemason. I love these materials for their natural beauty and strength. In my practice as a designer, I push materials to their limits, often questioning our preconceptions. Does marble always have to look heavy? Can steel look soft? By creating shapes that verge on the impossible, I confuse viewers, make them lose their balance briefly, and stimulate them to look at familiar materials with fresh eyes.’ His In Hale wall pieces epitomise his artistic vision and technical brilliance.