Timothy Schreiber ()

Timothy Schreiber specializes in creating sculptural furniture. After an apprenticeship in cabinet making, he studied architecture and gained experience working for renowned architects such as Zaha Hadid and Norman Foster. This fed directly into his design work which is both functional and aesthetically striking.

Schreiber's design process is hands-on and iterative. He often starts by sketching and creating small-scale models to test out different materials and ideas. Experimentation is vital to ensure each design reaches its purest and most timeless configuration.

His work is characterized by organic yet highly structural forms, worked primarily in cast bronze or marble. Respect for the inherent qualities of his chosen materials is reflected both in his selection of exceptional pieces of marble from quarries in and around Carrara and in his use of traditional techniques to bring out the attributes particular to bronze and stone. Besides cast bronze and marble, he also experiments with cast glass, creating pieces that push the boundaries of this material to its limit. Whatever the material chosen, his tactile pieces remain both beautiful and functional, a fact that itself sets him apart in the domain of contemporary design.

Now a sought after artist-designer, Schreiber’s exceptional talent for sculptural furniture design is widely recognized. His limited edition Molecule benches (bronze), Metamorphosis consoles (bronze and marble), and Methodology tables (bronze) are exclusive to 88 Gallery London and epitomize his unique creativity, skill, and attention to detail. These stunning pieces are all highly prized by interior architects, collectors and design enthusiasts internationally.