Fausto Salvi ()

Fausto Salvi has devoted his life to exploring the potential of ceramic as an artistic medium. His work has gained increasing international renown due to the combination of his technical mastery and the novelty of his highly imaginative creations. Majolica is his preferred technique, for he sees it as a unique place where sculpture and drawing meet. Exhibitions and collaborations have taken him all over the world from New York to London, France, Korea and Japan (inter alia). His work was recently present at Milan Design Week, and in 2020 he was one of the artists selected for the LXI edition of the International Biennial of Ceramic Art of Faenza. He has also taught and lectured widely.

Fausto Salvi describes his source of inspiration as the everyday world and its absurd contradictions. The Andromeda lights, created exclusively for the 88 Gallery, are typical of his work; functional as wall lights, they remain artworks in their own right. Suggestive of fingerprints or perhaps the rings in a tree truck, connections can immediately be found with his magnificent tree sculptures. On the cusp of art and design, Fausto Salviā€™s work is sought after by collectors worldwide.