Alexandre Logé (1977)

Born in 1977 in Paris, Alexandre Logé is renowned among interior designers and collectors worldwide. As a teenager he spent much of his time exploring the city's legendary flea markets and scouring the sales of the Drouot Auctions for treasures and inspiration alike. His passion for art led him to the Panthéon-Sorbonne university, where he received degrees in Fine Art and in Art History. He went on to work as an apprentice at a Paris furniture design studio, honing his skills as a mould-maker and prototype builder. This apprenticeship was key to the development of the strong sense of style and taste that was to inform his design aesthetic.

Fascinated by the rich diversity of culture around the world, Alexandre Logé’s inspiration comes in large part from his travels, during which he developed a love of Tribal Art. His designs manifest the interplay of inspiration he draws from the past, his constant creative reinterpretation of the established elements of design and his flair for creating pure, balanced forms. Presented in important art fairs such as PAD London, Pad Paris, ArtBasel/Miami etc., and at several top international galleries, his work attracts increasing attention in the design world. His Nisos lights, created exclusively for the 88 Gallery, were imagined in Greece, their purity of form and timeless deign evoking both the natural beauty and artistic heritage of a place close to his heart.