Marzio Cecchi (19401990)

Born in Capalle, near Prato, Marzio Cecchi studied architecture at university in Florence. Design was in his blood, for his mother was Giulia Carla Cecchi, famous in the world of fashion for her haute couture creations which were shown at the Palazzo Vecchio and the Palazzo Pitti in Florence. Cecchi began work young and was soon noticed for his creativity and innovative sense of design. His family moved to Florence in 1963, a move which opened doors for the budding architect who soon began to experiment with furniture design. This started with a sofa he created for a villa he was working on which won several awards at an international competition held in Trieste. From then on his furniture design took off, attracting international attention for his seemingly effortless combination of functionality and and style, and leading him to win numerous prizes. Today, his designs are sought after by collectors around the world.